Restaurant Refter - Centraal Museum Utrecht


The restaurant of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is situated in the same room where in the end of the 15th century a refectory of a monastery was situated. This was the starting point for Huttens interior. He wanted to make a refectory of the 21st century. He imagined the monks would have dinner sitting on long tables and heavy and high solid chair. For the interior he made two 15 meter long tables, forcing visitors to sit next to unknown strangers and hoping to bring them in contact. These visitors than were sitting on 1 meter high heavy looking chairs. But the chairs aren't heave, because they are rotation molded plastic and therefore hollow and lightweight. To finish the interior he designed big round chandeliers, referring to mediaeval candlers. But in stead of using candles, he uses light bulbs and the electricity wire became an elegant decoration. For the restaurant Hutten commissioned Arnout Visser to design the glasses and Erik-Jan Kwakkel to design the table ware, to make it a total experience.


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