Botel Amsterdam


The Botel in Amsterdam, a hotel on a boat, commissioned MMX architects to make a sign on top of their boat. They came up with the idea to make 5 new rooms in the shape of BOTEL on top of the deck of the ship.
The rooms in the letters were than designed by 5 different designers. Richard was asked to do the B.
Since the target group of the 3 star hotel is many young backpackers, Richard decided to make something specially for them. Since the shape of the B was already half round, he came up with the idea to make a half pipe in the room, so the kids could skate in the room. This room is the first hotel in the world with a half pipe inside. On the second split lever there is a game console, and on the top foor there is a 4 persons bed, so the stay for these young people would still be affordable.


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