Youhutseymatic Table - Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden


The table was designed for the exhibition Friends + Design in the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, curated by Tulga Beyerle and Maria Cristina Didero: Richard Hutten, Michael Young and Jerszy Seymour designed together the Youhutseymatic table.
They differ very much in character, so their careers and works being correspondingly various. What unites them is the unconventional way they see their work commissions, likewise their friendship.
They have designed together is a marble table named Youhutseymatic, which is based on Cadavre Exquis – a technique invented by surrealist artists to create bizarre and intuitive drawings.
In the marble table you can clearly recognize the person- al and subjective touch of each designer. There is Michael’s way, a polished and rigorous approach to industrial design with his geometrical lines clear- ly re ned and never stiff. He was in charge of one leg of the table; the perfect hole is recognizable as the research for an unusual symmetry and gives this piece a sense of elegant air. Jerszy got the other leg, which is almost a contradiction to the former, rough, with raw edges, clearly conceived to be beyond the fringe of any given format, an attitude, which undoubtedly mirrors his design philosophy of the anarchic and unpredictable. Richard won the top of the table; different ornaments decorate the surface, underlining once again his playful and lively approach.

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