To celebrate the 60th birthday of Miffy, famous character in the books written and drawn by Dick Bruna, 60 artists were asked to paint a 2 meter high sculpture of Miffy. Richard was already familiar with Miffy. First of all because he used to read his kids his books. Secondly because he designed a big retrospective exhibition of Dick Bruna in The Suntory Museum in Osaka Japan in 2004.
According to Hutten, the main characteristic of Miffy is that it’s as flat as it can be. Iffy has no side or back, just a front. In stead of painting the given sculpture, Hutten decided to design a new Miffy. Hutten’s Miffy is round, and has therefor no front, side or back. On each side he placed the eyes and mouth of Miffy, so from every side you look at it, it’s always the front side.
Part of the permanent collection of the Centraal Museum Utrecht.


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