Atomes d'Argent - Christofle


To start the design process Hutten spent a full day in Christofle’s 200 years of archives. He came up with a contemporary interpretation based on this strong tradition. He tried to reinterpret the history of Christofle. Hutten was especially drawn to the image of the 19th-century “Lampe à cigares, boule fond uni’. This spherical object showed the main quality of the material at it’s best: it’s beautiful reflections. The decoration of the objects in the collection are mainly provided by the reflections in the silver, while the forms itself are smooth and pure. Hutten also made two life size candle holders for Christofle named Histoire de Christofle. For these objects Hutten took old exciting designs by Christofle and stacked them into a playful candle holder of 100 and 150 cm high.


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