Ping Table - Lande


The Ping table is a conference table that can easily be converted for a game of ping pong. It has a drawer in each end to contain the two white bats, balls and a detachable net that clamps onto the edges of the table top. "In the morning you can work on it solitarily, then use if for lunch with your colleagues, or have a meeting of up to ten people, followed by a game of table tennis," said Hutten. "Our work is a big part of our lives and a part of who we are," he continued. "Due to the digitalisation of society, we are always 'on', so it is important to take a break and have fun. Design is traditionally about solving problems. I don't solve problems, I create possibilities.» He explained that the product is good for body and mind because it encourages play and activity during the day. "A game of table tennis clears the mind, which eventually leads to increased productivity," he said. The table is made of beech and features a walnut inlay to mark out the field for table tennis, but also divides the surface into four workspaces. The pared-back design is meant to make it suitable for residential or office environments.


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